Locking Up Tight With A Deadbolt

The usefulness of a dead bolt must be understood by now, what with its use in most thriller movies. It is the locked deadbolt in most scenarios which delays the killers entry into the house. In technical terms, a deadbolt is defined as any bolt lock which operates independent of a spring action while maintaining the same reliance on a key or knob. These locks cannot be badgered into giving up and can be opened only by using the designated key or knob.


Deadbolt types:

There are three general types of deadbolts, which are:

  1. Keyless cylinder deadbolt: As the name suggests, there is no requirement of a key. The operation of such a bolt is via finger print scanning or a password. The bolt can be locked alternatively by a knob or button.
  2. Double cylinder deadbolt: This type of deadbolt is operated by a key on either side. These are an ideal choice when the lock is on a glass door. The only disadvantage of this lock is that they are not convenient to be used for exit or escape doors.
  3. Single cylinder deadbolt: The simplest type of deadbolt is the single cylinder ones. They are opened via a key on one side and a thumb piece on the inside. The single cylinder deadbolts are ideal for non-glass doors.





A strong deadbolt must have the following qualities:

  • The lock must be made of sturdy steel and be at least an inch thick.
  • The tapering of the cylindrical locks must be precise and shouldn’t spin so fast that pliers cannot grip it.
  • The screws must not be exposed and should be made of hardened steel.
  • These connecting screws must be strong enough to pierce through a solid metal shock and the size must be a minimum of a quarter inch in diameter.


Should you install a deadbolt?

If you are unsure on whether you need a deadbolt installed at home or at work, here are a few advantages of this locking system that might help you make the decision:

  • This is the only fool-proof locking system that offers complete protection from forceful entry.
  • Other types of locks like the standard ones can be opened by using a sharp object like a knife or crowbar. A simple bobby pin can also be used to pick such locks. This is because of the inherent spring action of the lock operation. With deadbolts, the absence of a spring system makes them resilient to breaking by force.
  • Deadbolts can be broken, but the time taken is prolonged. This gives enough reaction time.

Although no lock offers complete protection against unlawful entering, a deadlock prolongs the entry time and adds to the home security system.

Lock Repair Services and the Professionals Who Provide Them

Locks are not immortal; like all the other services that are available, these ought to be repaired too. It would be the pinnacle of success in the locksmithing industry the day an unbreakable and un-spoilable lock is created. Till then there are the good old helpful locksmiths you fix locks if they arent broken beyond repair. When minor issues with the lock is overlooked, instead of fixing and complete replacement will be necessary.


What the types of lock repair services?

Lock repair services is a general term that covers anything and everything to do with locks, their operation and fixing. Here are a few examples of such services:

  • A broken lock: When you break a lock, depending on the severity, it will either need replacement or fixing. This decision is rightfully assessed by the technician. Avoid any DIY fixes lest you need to replace the unit. As mentioned above, locks also come with an expiry date. The longevity of the lock may be greater than other home devices, but there is cessation date nonetheless. Repairs may be due either to fix a worn out lock system or one which is operated with unnecessary force. A tell sign of a worn out lock is when you notice lagging in its operation.
  • When a key breaks in the lock: Extracting a key which is broken in the key hole is best left to the experts. The reasons for key breaking can be as varied as exerting excessive pressure to overlooking a due lock repair. Any attempt made by you to extract the keys will damage the internal system. If you want the locks to remain in working condition even after the removal, get in touch with a locksmith.
  • Fixing a stuck deadbolt: When deadbolt functioning is off, it must be repaired. Generally the problem is a misalignment. This issue can be rectified only by a professional locksmith.


Who offers lock repair services?

Locksmiths are the trained professional who offer lock repair services. There are independent agents and companies who offer these services. When you hire a locksmith to fix the lock, the time taken generally is less than half an hour.

They are trained professionals who make a tricky task like breaking a lock seem like a DIY activity. They work with professional grade equipment to complete the task successfully. When you try fixing the locks yourself and damage the internal working, replacement will be required.


Apart from lock repair services for homes, there is a class of locksmiths who specialize in cars. These auto smiths provide assistance from making a replacement key to removing a spoilt unit.